Leadership Coaching

You choose to be a leader – whether in your organization, community or family. Some days you lead in small ways, and some days you lead BIG. There are a million decisions to be made and people who depend upon you.

It’s fun. It’s thrilling. It’s exhausting.

Sometimes things would just be so much simpler if a COACH could help you out.


It’s a great big present tied up in a bow that you give yourself. It’s a well-trained, outside expert who asks you hard questions and helps you reconsider your priorities and perspectives.

With a deliberate, well-practiced process that includes time reviews, values discovery and goal setting, you move forward with deliberate intent.


First, you should expect a complimentary 35-minute sample session. (Many coaches offer this. Try out a few to find the best fit!)

My clients should expect to commit to a three- or six-month coaching package. After a two-hour discovery session, you will schedule regular 45- or 60-minute sessions either weekly or bi-weekly.

We can talk in person, over the phone or even Skype. Yes, there will be work done outside of our conversations. But this work is scrumptious and fascinating and most of the time it looks like fun!


Rhonda Vandiest

Photo courtesy of Melissa Maillet (www.melissamaillett.com)


My name is Rhonda Van Diest. I came to co-active coaching after many years working as a consultant and corporate trainer for large and small businesses and government agencies. With an MA in Organizational Development, I studied and influenced corporate transformation from both academic and practical viewpoints.

My passion is CHANGE – the real kind that starts on the inside of each person and lasts forever. It’s the kind that makes sense on a different level and for different reasons to each person. While I love training, I know that lasting, measurable organizational change starts with the individual, and the needs of each person are best addressed on an individual coaching level, not in a classroom.

I know that the definitions of happiness and satisfaction vary by person. I know that happy people are more productive – both at work and at home. I also know that when you become a leader in your own life, wisdom and satisfaction are limitless.


  • Leadership & Career
  • Organization & Productivity
  • Goal Setting
  • Expanding Possibilities
  • Work/Life Integration
  • Change & Transition
  • Confidence & Speaking

Why the Name "Condor"?

Blame it on a fantastic, well-timed family trip to Peru.

About the time I was pondering a name for a new business endeavor, I fell in love with the stories of the Inca people. While in Peru I learned about the history of this amazing ancient culture and I was fascinated with their agricultural research and engineering. They were defeated by gold-seeking Spaniards and their culture was suppressed, shrinking to a mere shadow of what it once was.

These ancient people revered the condor – the huge bird with a ten-foot wingspan – that symbolized the continuity of time. The condor is a vulture that eats carrion, absorbing death in order to give itself life. Condor wings are also designed to make the bird one that soars, looking over the world below.

As a coach, I think of ascending and soaring and how I wish for my clients the vast perspective and self-determination of the condor.


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