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January 5, 2016 6:45 pm

stack of booksI’ve been pondering for the last month or so on the many sources we go to for inspiration. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about the inspiration sources used by leaders in industry and in communities. There are sources that appeal to the brain. There are sources that appeal to the heart. And there are sources that we all seek just because we’re looking for a break from the many pressures placed upon us by our chosen responsibilities.

Inspiration may come from movies or art, from a particularly poignant sermon or a conversation with a friend. I love these sources and how fortunate I feel when I encounter them. But they are frequently fleeting or seem to jump into our lives as a matter of chance.

So while I am waiting for the lucky ship in the night to inspire me, I control what I can and try to generate inspiration from a steady source. In my case, it’s books. And it’s a bit embarrassing how many of them I keep in my bedroom – the night stand, the coffee table, the bookshelf, and an end table sitting next to a large cream futon chair. Seriously embarrassing. At last count (yesterday), there are 54.

Did I mention we have a library on the main floor as well?

Just check out that picture. There are books that were given by friends, suggested on radio shows (and subsequently purchased), found at second-hand shops for cheap-enough-to-buy-even-if-I-don’t-like-it, and obtained at conferences in swag bags. Each of them is a potential source of inspiration to me, whether fiction, nonfiction, or instructional.

My point really is that inspiration is both a matter of happenstance and a something we seek with some consistent zeal. This goes double for those of us who are leaders. Leading others takes an energy that is both self-sustaining in its passion, and sometimes depleted at an inopportune time.

Leaders need to sometimes reach deeper or find a place for additional support and it is oh, so important, to know that.

It’s my job and privilege as coach to guide my clients to a place of finding inspiration.  Whether it is through conversation or soul-searching, inspiration is there to be had and channeled. Sometimes with a coach it’s just easier.

What are you waiting for?

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